Love in the DMZ

Posted on Aug 19, 2013 in Bookshelf, Fiction

Love in the DMZ

DMZLove in the DMZ by Julia Cameron

In LOVE IN THE DMZ: and Other Novellas, renowned author, playwright and poet Julia Cameron explores three passionate love affairs in three masterful epistolary novellas, each ripe with longing, exile, and the love that endures time, distance, and the dark forces of a modern world.

“Love in the DMZ: A Play in Letters”
A stirring exchange of letters between an American soldier stationed in Vietnam and his wife, who eagerly awaits his homecoming, Love in the DMZ is about the battles fought on multiple fronts: of a nonsensical and savage war, a lonely wife’s efforts to raise her sons, and a couple’s struggle to remain true while distance brings temptations.

Set in Nazi Germany, a young spy posing as concubine to a high-ranking officer reveals the depth of her deceptions, and her affections—her body claimed by an evil brute, her love promised to a hero as deep in covert operations as she, fueled by infrequent secret trysts between them. Her letters anxiously contemplate their ability to return to a “normal life” after bearing witness to so many demoralizing practices—and engaging in some of their own.

In a series of letters between a young woman and her lifelong friend—a priest who has embarked on a religious mission in Africa—love at once forbidden and innocent blooms. Each friend endeavors to guide the other in their spiritual journeys, offering the warmth and encouragement by which a true connection, and friendship, is made.

LOVE IN THE DMZ: and Other Novellas is a study in human nature, a poignant mixture of love, despair and compassion—even in its darkest moments.

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