What We Do

What We Do doesn’t necessarily have the most linear answer.  Regardless of the digital revolution and this ever-changing business, we are still in the business of words. And the business of unwavering faith. And perseverance.  Without those, we couldn’t do what we do.  Ultimately, we work with authors to help their creative vision become a reality. In representing, we connect with this vision and are guideposts on the path to publication in all media.  Susan has unwavering faith in her authors–she values relationships with clients and works closely with them in book development and marketing strategies. Whether it’s brainstorming to craft a marketable idea, line editing a proposal or manuscript, finding the right editor to embrace their vision, or seeking out new digital publishing opportunities, she guides authors through the publication process and beyond.
Our mission is to bring quality books that will have an impact, move people, or entertain into the universe.   We act as creative and business partners, managing authors’ literary careers and building their brand across all media.  We work with co-agents throughout the world to negotiate foreign and film deals. Throughout the process, our healthy determination (stubbornness) and tenacity allows us to work every angle to best develop, sell, and market each project.  We have a stable of collaborators to match up with authors needing co-writers.  Our in-house team is seeking out digital publishing opportunities as well as online marketing and social media strategies to further partner with our authors in this ever-changing marketplace.  We try to bring our good humor as well as our most skillful analytical and literary skills to the job every day.

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